Monday, April 7, 2008

Unconscious - Kalpana

Sakhmet Dreaming of Owl Dreaming of  Sakhmet, 8" x 8", Ink and paint on Paper

Toto Dreaming, 8' x 8", Ink on paper

Red Telephone sitting by my Bed - 1 , 8"x 8" Ink and pencil on paper

Red Telephone Sitting By My Bed -2, 8" x 8" , Ink and pencil on paper

Once Upon a Time...(hic), 8" x 8" , Ink and pencil on paper

Me, 8" x 8" , Ink and pencil on paper

Conversation between Girl and Nilgai, 8" x 8" ,Ink and pencil on paper


Kalpana makes short films, documentaries and experimental videos. She graduated from the National Institute of Design and now works independantly from her studio, Shoot at Sight, in new Delhi. She also dabbles with poetry, music and photography. 


Pallavi said...

oh my god! gorgeousities kalpana, really. beautiful. i hope one gets saved for me ( though i doubt it:)

supriya said...

Suchhh lovely drawings ya Kalpana!

LotusEaters said...


kaney said...

We call it the unconscious because it is exactly that. Running you thoughts, feelings, actions, and especially all the stupid repetitive responses you were sure you would never do or say again is the unconscious. The reason you are sure I am wrong is because it is unconscious to you and the only way to see the proof of this is to follow your repetitive patterns in life. Especially the behaviours that are unwanted that keep showing up.

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