Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Prashant Miranda

Dream Azulejo, 30"x 22", watercolour on paper.

Soar, 30"x 22", watercolour and ink on paper

Dream connections, 30"x 22", watercolour, ink and stitching on paper.

Aspects of Goa, watercolour and ink on paper, stitched

Prashant Miranda was born in Quilon, Kerala, grew up in Bangalore, and studied animation at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. He then pursued a career in animation in Toronto, Canada. He now balances his life between Canada and India, where he travels, paints, cooks and sings. Being a chronic doodler, Prashant documents his life through his watercolour journals that he keeps with him at all times.


askgreg said...

Brilliant work! Your style is quite interesting. will drop by agian soon.

SooSixty said...

was looking forward to seeing these at the next shop exhibit. they weren't there?

madhavi said...

Hey Prashant,

Amazing work!

I dont think u recognise me but can I have ur email all the same.

Jane said...

I love your work! It is ethereal and takes my breath away. I could escape into your paintings!